Lessons from the Tough Mudder

Our Momentum Fitness | 30A CrossFit team did amazing at the Gulf Coast Tough Mudder on Sunday. Together they navigated 10+ miles of mud and obstacles. They all had a blast doing it and they learned a lot about taking on a challenge like this. Here are my four top takeaways from the Tough Mudder, and, not surprisingly they all also apply to our Momentum Fitness | 30A CrossFit training. 

It's all about teamwork

A lot of the obstacles are tough (duh) to the point of being nearly impossible — if you do them on your own. But one of the best things about the race was you never have to take on an obstacle by yourself. Even racers who showed up without teammates never found themselves on their own at any obstacle. Everyone around you was willing to offer a helping hand, literally.

As soon as you stepped on the course you were surrounded by more teammates than you could have ever hoped for. Just like when you step through the door of our gym. You're never left to complete a workout on your own. You have support of all of our athletes and all of our coaches. 

Be smart with your prep

Yes, there is running involved but it you spend most of your training hours running, you're going to have a tough (pun intended) time. Of course you need the stamina to run but all of the obstacles and the terrain (think sand, hills, ravines, water crossings, etc.) will prevent you from running very fast for very long -- not to mention mud, water and sand in your shoes, shorts and just about everywhere else. (Yes, really) 

Upper body strength to pull up over obstacles, lower body strength to slog through mud and get over hills are important, as well. 

All of these aspects can be developed with our training program. You know those 10 aspects of fitness we talk about. Develop those and you’ll be fine, as long as you also pay attention to...

Mobility, mobility, mobility

If you can't achieve certain body positions then you're gonna struggle. For example, getting over the top of the wall involves being able to get your leg up high enough to get a foothold at the top. Crawling under barbed wire in the mud, means being able to keep your butt & head low and still move forward. 

It’s great to be strong but your strength does not serve you if you can't get in position to use it. Don’t think of them as two separate things. They are parallel continuums that feed each other. 

Positive talk wins

Everyone on the course has an obstacle that they dread, that they wish wasn't there. Ask me about the Arctic Enema. The thing is, you can't focus on the thing you dread or you’ll never move forward. That thing you fear is going to come and you are going to get through it. 

And in the end (definitely no pun intended here) the Arctic Enema wasn’t so bad. I did it and kept moving forward. 

Anytime you face an obstacle, tell yourself that you are stronger than the challenge in front of you. Know that you will conquer it. See yourself moving over it, through it, past it. And keep moving.