Don't stress, it'll kill ya

We've heard it a million times; it's not the stress it's how you deal with it. 

But what if I told you to stop stressing about "stress"? What if I said that stress wasn't the problem at all? What if I told you...

...there's no such thing as stress?

That’s right, when you’re feeling the symptoms of what you call “stress” - shallow breathing, muscle tension, neck or back pain, trouble sleeping, appetite changes, loss of interest in usual pleasures, etc. - what you’re really feeling, the name for what you’re experiencing is…


All mammals experience fear. The fish swims, the mouse burrows, the deer runs, the bear charges but we all feel it. We can’t always run or attack but successful people from business leaders to athletes (that’s you) have a strategy for dealing with fear. Reaching out to others for support.

Asking others for help lowers cholesterol, increases longevity (since our fear response isn't chronically kicking into gear), and is essential for high-performing folks no matter their field.

Who do you ask for help? Your Momentum Fitness | 30a CrossFit coaches and teammates? That’s a great idea! That’s why we’re all here, to lend a hand, to support our team members, to be there for each other.

As a great man once said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” Know it, share it with someone, move on, be amazing.

References: "There's No Such Thing As Stress—Here's What's Really Bothering You" - Fast Company


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