We're your lifeboat

We've always loved CrossFit Founder Coach Glassman's analogy that your doctor is a lifeguard and your CrossFit coaches are your swim coach. When you are drowning you need the lifeguard, just as when you are in the midst of a life-threatening situation you need a doctor. But your lifeguard isn't able to spend time with you day after day and teach you to swim, just as your doctor is not able to to spend time with you day after day and teach you to be well. 

Coach recently took that analogy in a different direction comparing CrossFit affiliates around the world to lifeboats. More specifically, we are "lifeboats in a tsunami of chronic disease", i.e. heart disease, caner, diabetes. 

CrossFit has always expounded that health can be measured on a continuum from sickness to wellness to fitness. So it stands to reason that our observable, measurable, repeatable (i.e. scientific) approach to fitness (a.k.a. "super" wellness) is the answer to the lifestyle driven diseases that are rampant in our society.

Medicine can treat the symptoms of the disease once it has presented but only long-term fitness-creating, lifestyle choices prevent the disease from manifesting in the first place. If you have a good doctor, you may have been told to exercise and eat well. If you have an outstanding doctor, you may have been given some specific recommendations on what to eat and how to exercise. But, most likely, you were not. Not because your doctor is bad but because the health care system is set up to treat diseases not create fitness -- that's our job. 

Watch the video below: