The first lesson learned at 30A CrossFit


Hands sweaty. Heart racing. If I could sum up all of my thoughts the morning of my very first CrossFit workout into one word, I would easily choose intimidated. A few things I knew about CrossFit prior to arriving: Heavy weights, ‘crazy’ lifts and odd equipment like rings and ropes. I was so intimidated I couldn’t even see straight. Keep in mind I am a certified personal trainer and the gym is my 'thang’. In fact, I think I even blacked out a few times. (Okay, that was a lie but it added a nice dramatic effect, didn’t it?)

Fast forward to stepping into 30a CrossFit for the very first time. I expected glares, meatheads with big muscles preparing themselves for some insane "throwdown" and ultimately just plain culture shock. For real: I couldn’t feel my face as I walked into the box. The fact that it was called ‘the box’ alone made me feel as though I was entering into wrestle mania or something. 

And I was right. What I endured when I entered 30a CrossFit for the first time was indeed a shock to me.

Instant warm smiles and a group of normal looking people. Everyone introduced themselves and made me feel instantly welcome. Before the WOD (Workout of the Day) we went over every single movement we were to perform, practiced it over and over ensuring that we understood how to do each detail correctly. No one was foaming at the mouth. No one was judging how much weight I used. It was a tight-knit fitness family of encouragement. And it was awesome. I completely forgot to be intimidated and the feeling came back into my face. (I know that because I accidentally smacked myself in the chin with a band, but shh, that’s just between you and me.)

And that's when the BOOM hit me. In my first week of attending classes, I realized CrossFit gets a bad rap because of the folks who do it but don't 'get it'. The things I'd heard, the stories about crazy people doing crazy things with no regard for good technique or even safety didn't happen. In fact they never happen here.  

Look, it’s like eating a sloppy joe: who cares how sloppy you get while eating it, as long as you get to that glorious moment of finishing the thing, right? Well, no, not really. There are a couple reasons to take a more thoughtful approach and eat it slowly. 1). So you don’t look like a maniac that was raised by rabid wolves and 2) so you actually get something out of your sandwich, like, oh, I don't know, the taste, instead of eating it so fast it’s all a blur and you’re left a sloppy mess and no sandwich to show for it.

In my first 3 weeks, I've learned that CrossFit is all about getting something more than just a workout. And if I perform the movements correctly, CrossFit will prepare me for anything I'll ever want to do in my life. I’ve learned there is only one thing you should be intimidated by and that is CrossFit's limitless potential to change your life.

And that's okay if you’re into that sorta 'thang’.

Come feel the BOOM.

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