My favorite holiday

Is any that centers around food. Which could be all of them if you do it right. 4th of July to Arbor Day (Tree Cake, anyone?) I can't think of a festivity that isn't better with lots - yes, too much - food. Not "bad" food per se. Homemade white chocolate coconut cream pie is very nearly health food, right?

Only one problem with that. Slowly the holidays expand until the entire year is a gorge fest. I once extended our "birthday weeks" (the 2 weeks surrounding Karen's and my birthdays at the end of August) until - wait for it - Thanksgiving. Yep, cruised right through Halloween and the entire lead up to turkey day. Turkey and pie day. Turkey, pie, homemade ice cream and pumpkin bread day. 

Does that make me a bad person. No, that's not why. What I have to remember, though, is I could have all these things any time. Any time I want. I'm a grown up and I can cook. These things aren't special unless I make them special. Save them for special times and let them stay special.

As we head in Xmas and the new year don't let your holidays consume you. Keep your holidays what they're meant to be. Special times with family and friends and good food.