I was wrong...

I was wrong. It's very hard to admit that. I did it for all of the right reasons, there's no doubt about that. But now that I've had some time to ponder it, I need to confess...

You see, back when I started CrossFit in 2007, it was amazing. I made incredible fitness gains very quickly. I was a distance runner and a martial artist and thought I was fit. CrossFit found all of the holes in my game and showed me the way to fix them. I loved it. 

I attended a Level 1 seminar. I started training others. I opened an affiliate. 

I watched CrossFit evolve. The CrossFit Games were born. I saw everything I loved about CrossFit beginning to change and I became concerned. 

But here's the thing, what had changed was not CrossFit. It was me. I listened to the critics who really didn't understand the program or who judged the entire organization by individual athlete's or affiliate's missteps. I became disillusioned and I tried to make CrossFit better.

That was my mistake. 

I knew most of our clients weren't going to follow a 3 day on, 1 day off or 5 days on, 2 days off schedule as suggested by CrossFit. So I tried to fix it. I tried to make it so everybody could get everything, even if they only came a couple of days a week. I tried to fix something, even though it wasn't broken. I became a tinkering trainer. 

A lift and a metcon. A lift and a metcon. A lift and a metcon. Every once in a while a longer metcon. Rinse. Repeat. 

I still made a difference. Our clients got stronger, faster, fitter. 

But I know better now. 

Studying for my Level 3 test last year helped guide me back to the true nature of CrossFit. Routine is the enemy. There's a reason why it's called Workout of The Day rather than workouts of the day. Give everything you have to each workout, then move on. 

I started doing CrossFit.com workouts myself and guess what: I made incredible fitness gains very quickly and I found all the holes in my game and fixed them. I loved it. 

So I started programming classic CrossFit workouts for you. More variety in conditioning lengths. Heavy days are separate. Coaches are coaching more. It's been an amazing process.

I started slowly over the course of a year and now we are adhering to the core tenants of CrossFit and I've already seen a tremendous improvement from all of you. You're amazing. Let's see how far we can go.


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