Guideline not a limit

"Suggested women's weights are a guideline not a limit." - CrossFit Training Dept. on Instagram

Every workout posted on the CrossFit Training Department's Instagram Account ends with that phrase. It's a simple phrase that carries a very profound message...a message that CrossFit has subscribed to from its very beginning. It's a message of gender equality that measures an athlete based on performance only.

You might not realize how deeply this belief is held because it has become the norm to prescribe lesser weights for women. But when you look at the workouts published on there is only one weight posted. The workout "Fran", as prescribed, uses 95 pounds for the thruster. There is no men's weight or women's weight. There is only the prescribed weight for every CrossFit athlete. The cool thing is that many female CrossFit athletes can use that weight and post competitive times on the workout.

It's an idea that empowers women to pursue performance, strength and functionality no matter what message the rest of the world repeatedly sends them on femininity, beauty and how we should look or behave.

Check out the two videos below and decide who you've been listening to when it comes to the female aesthetic. (The second video with Coach Glassman is NSFW).

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