Confidence is sexy

Fittest Woman on Earth, Katrín Davíðsdóttir.

Fittest Woman on Earth, Katrín Davíðsdóttir.

As we kick off 2016 with resolutions focused on body composition and weight loss, it's good to remind ourselves that the metrics we use to quantify our success may be better associated with performance goals rather than aesthetics. To do otherwise is letting the tail wag the dog. 

Take, for instance the CrossFit Games. Designed to crown the fittest on Earth through a series of observable, measurable and repeatable tests, the competition has created a phenomenon that, as CrossFit founder Greg Glassman has recently stated, can no longer be ignored. 

"In this, our seventh year, I call your attention to the bodies. Yes, the flesh—the men, the women, the spectators and the competitors. It’s not our usual intellectual focus, but I can no longer pretend not to notice. Everyone is an athlete, but many, maybe even most, are simply beautiful. This menagerie of “Frankenfitters,” stadia quite literally full of them, embodies a functional aesthetic that is uniquely ours. Their bodies and our appreciation of them are a direct challenge to a host of pathological aesthetics, whether it’s the 16-year-old heroin-chic anorexia of the fashion world or the grotesqueness of bodybuilding and drug-induced hypertrophy.
These athletes and spectators wear the look of enormous work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Theirs is the look of true performance. This is what happens when form, as it should and will, follows function.(emphasis added)

If Coach Gassman's words aren't compelling enough, check out this video:

The most important part of Coach's message, however, is that CrossFit has not only produced the most beautiful athletes in sports history but also the most beautiful spectators. Go to a CrossFit competition and it is difficult to tell who is competing and who is spectating. This is not true for any other sport. Baseball, football, NASCAR fans do not embody the aesthetics, let alone the abilities, of the athletes they admire. CrossFit fans do. 

But, as the video above points out, there is an even more compelling component to the beauty of a CrossFit athlete. One that comes from the inside. Being a fully functional and capable human being not only builds an incredible physique but also an incredible psyche. 

The confidence that comes from being strong, fast, powerful and connected is undeniable. The hot body is a bonus. Check out this video.