The dog ate my workout clothes

Gratuitous cute(?) puppy picture. We wouldn't put it past Short Round to eat your workout clothes. 

Gratuitous cute(?) puppy picture. We wouldn't put it past Short Round to eat your workout clothes. 

The key for most people when it comes to following through on anything is accountability. Setting up something in advance that will help guarantee they’ll do what they said they’d do. 

This can take many forms and we’ve talked about one in particular before. There are plenty:

Pack your bags Have your gym bag ready to go the night before. Repack it as soon as you empty it. This is key. If it’s always ready, so are you. And just like always having something to eat with you (you do, right?) throw it in the car. That way if you have an easy day, a break in the schedule or the weather or a last minute invite from your run-buddy, no excuses, just go.

Hey, buddy Speaking of your buddy, get one. It’s easiest if it’s somebody you workout with but even long distance friends you stay in touch with by text or phone can be fun, motivating support. A note that says “Hey, just finished my workout. How about you, ya slug?” from your bestie would be just great, yes?

Mix it up Those who can do stuff at the drop of a hat are pretty lucky. They roll with whatever happens and just get stuff done. Those of us who thrive on routine scoff, mock and jeer them because they’re so, I don’t know, unorganized

Then again when something jams my groove, like life, I find it a ready made excuse for blowing off my workout and kicking back with a pint of B&J’s. Don’t do it. Get on it and do something that you can do. If you can’t get to the gym today, do tomorrow’s speed work today and hit your lifting tomorrow. It’s not going to kill you. 

The hills have eyes Like it or not you’re somebody’s good example. I know, it’s a lot of pressure. But if you’re not getting your workouts done for yourself, think about those lucky souls who have you to look to for inspiration and guidance. And worry what will happen to them if you stop showing up. Put on your cape and go to work.

When all else fails, bribery This is in the “whatever it takes” category. We’re human. Sometimes a reward is more powerful than the threat of punishment. If a cookie or an hour of reality TV - provided you don’t do those things all the time, anyway - is all it take to get the work done, then do it. But really, “The Kardashians”?

You don’t have to do anything by yourself and it’s easier to stay on track with some kind of accountability. Pick your fave and make it work.