Join "The Jess Challenge"

We love to challenge our athletes to reach outside themselves and push past their comfort zone. We love it even more when our clients push each either.

That's where the magic of 30A CrossFit comes from: a strong community of friends who challenge and support each other. 

It's right there in our Mission Statement.

That's why we are happy to endorse "The Jess Challenge." 

What is The Jess Challenge? It's a wholly organic challenge from within our 30A CrossFit (namely Jess Fox) to pledge to be better for the CrossFit Open.

It started when Jess decided to give up alcohol and to clean up her diet so that she could be at her best for the Open. She challenged one 30A CrossFit teammate....then another....then another. And now we have a full-blown challenge.

Want in?

Decide what change you can make that will help you perform during the Open, or what will give you the body you want for beach season, or what will make you have the energy and stamina to be your best all day long.

It could be as simple as giving up alcohol or sugar or Facebook. Or it could be adding something:  meditation, mobility, more protein. You decide but make sure it's a challenge.  Don't pledge to give up drinking if you don't drink. 

So, what's your challenge? Post it in comments.

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