5 ways to know it's time for a reset

We all do our best to eat clean, sleep enough and stay active . And yet, every now and then we look up from the speedometer of the Formula 1 racer that is our life shocked to see that we've veered off the track and are careening through the concession area, completely out of control. 

It happens. Why and how aren't our concerns right now. We'll just say that Rome wasn't burned in a day and let it go.

Here are the top 5 ways you can tell if you're in need of a reset.

5. There are Doritos crumbs in your bed.

4. The Wine Club sent you a coupon for your 1000th bottle ordered. You've been a member for 3 months.

3. There's a half gallon of Chocolate Trinity in your freezer. Again. This week.

2. The Krispy Kreme guy greets you by your first name when you walk in. 

1. You're wearing your "fat" swim suit. And you're not embarrassed (oh, well, who cares?).

Can you get your mojo back? Return to the straight and healthy path? Reclaim your sense of self and all that comes with it?

Well, duh, yeah. An extra glass of wine here, a cookie there, don't mean that you're a bad person. They mean you're a person. Get over it, stop being so dramatic and get back at it.

How? The Lurong Championship Challenge, that's how.You'll be educated on how to change your diet, empowered with tools to make change happen and be supported and held accountable every step of the way. Proven results and, did I mention, $85,000 in prizes? Now I've got your attention...

Unleash your inner champion! Do. It. Now.


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