4 Ways To Build Your Inner Strength

Our workouts are not just physical challenges. They are designed to challenge you mentally, emotionally and psychologically. We want you to prep your body to perform the movements well but we also want you to get your mind right so that you can attain virtuosity in action. 

How do you talk to yourself during your workout?

Focusing on the difficulty of the challenge is not the best solution. I know that you "hate burpees" but saying it and thinking it won't change it and definitely won't make the burpees any easier.  Have a strategy to tackle the reps. Be flexible once you begin. See every workout as an opportunity to improve. Bring your best everyday. 

Chunking reps.

The way to get to 50 reps of any movement is one rep at a time. How you count your reps can help a lot to keep you on task. Whenever possible (if I have to break reps up) I like to get over halfway before breaking. If my goals is to not break I still chunk the reps up into more manageable sections. For instance, a set of 50 reps would be 25 then 15 then 10. Once I've gotten to 25, 15 is easy by comparison and when I only have 10 left, I have no doubt that I will finish. 

See yourself as successful.

Envision the best possible scenario for the workout. See yourself moving efficiently and fluidly. Try to match your physical performance to that mental performance. If all that you see is how difficult the workout will be....guess what?  But, if you see yourself string double under together, floating up over the pull up bar or pulling effortlessly under the clean then your body will strive to match your mental image. 

Shut out distractions. 

We all like to have fun in the gym. And we definitely encourage you to interact with your fellow athletes. But once the workout has started, be able to shut out any distractions (hint: your coaching correcting your form is not a distraction). 

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