"Regularly learn and play new sports"

This last line from Greg Glassman's "World Class Fitness in 100 Words" sometimes gets forgotten in the pursuit of our other CrossFit goals: more pull ups, heavier deadlifts and the like. But make no mistake, this is as important as any other part of the prescription.

Coming to the gym and going fast and heavy on the standard movements is fantastic but it can be limited. And limiting. Variety in sets, reps and time domains will take you a long way and yet, there's still more.

Many, even most, of us tend to settle into routines that keep us doing the same things over and over. "Wait, what? I'm going to the gym when I didn't used to. Isn't that enough?"

Well, no. It isn't. No matter what shape, size or color, a hamster wheel is a hamster wheel. 

Watch the video and see what imagination and sometimes nothing else can produce. I can't do any of those things. Doesn't matter. I'll do what I can and enjoy the heck out of it. And it's given me some great ideas.

Whatever you like to do for fun - pure, recreational fun - you need to get out and do it. Stand up paddle, rock climb, parkour, BMX riding, bungee jumping, pick up basketball, cliff diving, whatever it is, get out of the chair, go do it. That's why we work out, after all, is to get better at stuff and have Fun. 

Don't be a hamster. 


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