Sometimes it's good to go slow

With CrossFit, we are all about high intensity. We strive for movement efficiency to get better, stay safe and to move quickly. And, let's face it, that whole moving quickly is really addictive. 

We've talked about intensity over volume before but there is a place for low intensity, high volume work in every athlete's life.  Our favorite? A nice, long walk on the beach.

Some of the benefits of walking are:

- When you're walking you're not sitting. And sitting is one of the most unhealthy things you can do. 

- It's a mental break as well. You can't help but feel the stress slip away when you go for a nice long walk (especially if it's on the beach). 

- You make your feet stronger. A lifetime of wearing shoes has done much harm to our feet. Kick off the shoes and shove your toes in the sand. Bye, bye foot pain.

Oh, and forget the FitBit or iPhone or any other step counting app. And definitely don't check email or text messages. Just get out and enjoy. 

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