7 reasons to sign up for the Lurong Living Challenge

This is our first time to offer the Lurong Living Challenge and we're excited to be part of it. The challenge kicks off September 14th and runs to November 2nd. Just like other challenges we've done, this one combines diet and exercise habits as well as lifestyle goals and gives you different levels of participation to choose from. But there are some key differences that we think you will like and are the big reasons why you should sign up for the Lurong Living Challenge.

Here are our top 7 reasons you should sign up for the Lurong Living Challenge

1. You know you need it. It's been a great summer and busy (stressful) Season. But the kids are back in school now and you can actually drive on 30A again. It's time to take care of yourself. 

2. Lots of prizes. There are prizes available for every level of the challenge. If you work hard and stick to your nutrition goals you could win some cool gear from one of the challenge sponsors. 

3. Giving back. The Lurong Living Challenge also supports some important charities. Part of your registration fee goes to these organizations. So not only are your going to get healthy but a worthy charity will get some help also. 

4. Workouts programmed by Neal Maddox. It's kind of cool to think a CrossFit Games level athlete will be telling you what to do. Especially when it's Neal Maddox (you know, that old guy that likes to eat donuts.) No doubt the workouts will be challenging but remember, there are different levels of participation so get ready to really test yourself. 

5. More time to log your scores. Remember having to log your score every night by 8 or you'd lose those points. Remember mulligans? Well, forget about them. With the Lurong Living Challenge you get six full days to log your compliance points.

6. It's only 7 weeks long. I know, it's only a week shorter than our last challenge but it really sucks to get 6 weeks into an 8 week challenge and totally lose steam because those last two weeks seem sooooo looooong. It may be a psychological trick but making it past that critical 6 week mark is super easy when it's just one more week to go. 

7. You can still have wine. All levels of the Lurong Living Challenge allow for a glass of wine. 'Nuff said. 

And a Bonus Reason ('cause we like giving you more than you expect):
8. All the cool kids are doing it. You don't want to be that guy that doesn't sign up and sees everyone around you getting healthier and stronger and faster and having lots of fun while you just keep doing what you're doing. It's only seven weeks but it could change your life forever. 

Go ahead, sign up!