Are they finally getting it?

I recently received a text from my sister saying that her doctor recommended she try switching to a Paleo type diet and pick up a beginning level CrossFit style workout. She thought maybe I had some sort of unseen influence on her physician. I wish.

While I'd like to take credit for her doc's advice, I would even more like to believe that the medical community is finally embracing the ideas that CrossFit has championed from day one (see "Elite Fitness in 100 words" above). CrossFit started out as the outlier...the underground workout that spread by word of mouth. Now it has become mainstream. Although Coach Glassman still relishes the role of outsider changing the world of fitness.  

Outside Magazine, which has spent it's fair share of ink castigating CrossFit, has recently published an article on maintaining fitness throughout your lifetime. The author outlines why fitness declines as one ages:

"The main factors that conspire against you are declining aerobic capacity, more body fat, shrinking muscles, and decreased mobility—the four horsemen of the fitness apocalypse, deterioration that accelerates as you get older."

But he states that, while aging is inevitable, the predicted fitness decline is not. How can you stave off the affects of getting older?

  • Work out at high intensity (Ed. The opposite of what most do as they get older)
  • Lift weights
  • Eat more protein
  • Sleep, better longer
  • Better recovery
  • Be conservative (Ed. Which I would like to relabel: Find a coach)

Sound familiar?

Check out Marie's story and how doing all of the above has helped her stay (or become even more) productive as she has gotten more mature.