1,000,000 reasons to keep a food journal

OK, maybe not a million but you're reading so the title did it's job...

Look, we all know that keeping a food journal isn't sexy, it's potentially embarrassing and in the end what good does it do us if we don't do anything with it. Worse yet, what if we don't know what to do with it?

But the CrossFit mantra "anything worth doing is worth measuring" applies as much, maybe more, to eating than it does to working out. So, relax, it's not a million, 10 thousand or even 10 reasons. The single motivation to keep food journal is - 


Eating is, after sleep, the most important component of our health, fitness and longevity. It fuels us, repairs our tired bodies and replenishes our souls. It seems a shame not to pay it proper attention. If you're accountable to yourself (or someone else) for what goes in your face it'll make a huge difference in your life/diet/fitness success.

The first thing to do is get a note keeping tool. There are thousands. We like LoseIt! It's an app that makes keeping track of your intake as simple as it gets. It's free. Get it, practice a little, ask us for help if you need it.

Once you've set that up it's a simple matter of logging your intake and reviewing the outcome...

Now what?

Here's where the accountability comes in. If you keep this treasure trove of info to yourself that can work. If you're consistent and have your parameters set up right you can review and modify what you're doing and find good success (this is the "what do I do with it" part).

You'll do much better with a friend or coach. Just like working out with others makes you better, sharing your challenges and successes with someone can make the entire experience more fun and bring greater benefits. There's a Social function in Lose It! that will let you and friends support each other and share your progress.

If you're a 30a CrossFit member you can connect your Lose It! account with your coach through Ascend. She can invite you to share your log info and it lets you message back and forth to keep you on track with, you've got it, greater accountability.

Just like you have to keep a training journal (SugarWOD, anyone?) a food journal is a fantastic tool to insure your vision of yourself actually happens. Without it, you're groping in the dark.

Go. Start. Or restart probably. Succeed.