What's your war cry?

We use the word "unstoppable" a lot. We like that it speaks to the relentless ability to resist everything and everyone that works against you achieving your goals. Whether it's your friends who do not embrace your fit lifestyle, your significant other that continues to bring less-than-healthy food into the house or your own inner (and sometimes outer) voice that tells you that you can't.

Unstoppable. It's just one word but it captures what we believe at Momentum Fitness.

It's more than a catch-phrase, it's a mantra, a war cry.

I was reminded of the importance of a war cry with this post from Inc. Magazine.

Visionary leaders understand the power of sacrifice, commitment to a higher cause, and our human desire to want, need and be something more. By rousing our spirits with unshakable courage, they make us believe we can overcome insurmountable odds and achieve our greatest victories. How? They've mastered the art of the war cry.

But I think it's also important to have a personal mantra that resonates with your tribe's war cry.  I wrote about my mantra for 2015 on my blog.

As you set your goals for 2015, make sure you take time to find your war cry/mantra. If your goals are truly in line with your why, the mantra will come to you easily.

Write it where you will see it often and let it lift you when you need a reminder of where you want to go.

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