Top 5 reasons to sign up for the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Games Open starts February 26th and runs for 5 weeks. At Momentum Fitness | 30A CrossFit we will be hosting the Open workouts every Friday night during the Open season. This year marks the debut of a scaled division for each workout, making the Open even more accessible than it has been in years past. A lot of you have signed up to participate but there are still a lot of you on the fence. So we thought we would give you our Top 5 reasons to sign up for the Open:

5. Find out where you rank

The worldwide leaderboard is one the coolest things about the game. You can see where you rank against other CrossFit athletes from all over the world. And you can also see how you rank within the gym, within the regions and within your age group (or some other age group) or within your own family.

4. Get inspired

The vast majority of CrossFit Open athletes are in just for the experience. But, just because an athlete is not bound for the CrossFit Games does not mean he or she cannot inspire others.

Take for example, 77-year old William Hosken, who was the oldest athlete in the world to post a score for all of the workouts last year:

"It didn’t matter to Hosken that he struggled with double-unders and didn’t have a muscle-up. Each week, he competed alongside friends decades his junior, posting his scores on the worldwide Leaderboard. In the couplet of overhead squats and pull-ups in Open Workout 14.2, he posted two hard-won reps, though the 65-lb. barbell was equal to his one-rep max."

Or 400+ lb. athlete, Daniel Casey:

“The way I see an athlete is they pick a sport and they’re at that sport every day,” Casey said. “They do their best to get better at that sport and they give it their heart and soul. Every morning, I go to CrossFit, I give it my all, I fight through the soreness and the agony, and I’m back at it the next day. If that’s not the definition of an athlete, I don’t know what is.”

3. Push yourself

Most of us train to be able to live a long and independent life. That is awesome motivation to stay fit. But being content with where we are can work against us. The Open pushes us to do more and to break out of complacency. Stepping up and competing is one of the best ways to strengthen your fitness goals and your commitment to achieving them:

"It doesn’t matter if the Regional contender beside you is blasting through reps like they’re nothing because it’s your Open. If you get 1 rep at a PR weight (or even if you end up not hitting it), you had the heart to show up and try your hardest."

2. Free Beer

If those intrinsic motivations are not for you then this might be the thing that pushes you to compete. This year, everyone that comes out to Friday Night Lights and completes the Open workout with us can celebrate with a cold, refreshing beer at the Grayton Beer Tap Room.

1. Fun

The most obvious reason to participate in the Open is because it's fun. Think of the most fun class that you've experienced at Momentum Fitness | 30A CrossFit and ramp it up by about 1000x. That's what Friday Night Lights is like. All of your friends and family cheering you on. Loud music and healthy competition.

Really, there is no reason NOT to participate in the Open. And if you really need one final push, watch this video:

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