Fit for love

Angie and Brett call their time at Momentum Fitness "couple's therapy." Being able to forget any other issues or stresses they may have in their lives for an hour, a few times a week, and spending that time focused and making themselves and each other better is a great way to regain perspective on and appreciation for their marriage.

We have so many couples in our tribe that have found their workouts to be a great way to learn about their significant other - how competitive they are, how they deal with challenges, what motivates them to be better. And even more have enjoyed watching their spouse change and grow because they have become stronger, faster, fitter.

The really cool thing is that most will take more joy in their spouse's accomplishment than his or her own.

And that applies on all levels. Master athlete Greg Walker celebrated his 41 year wedding anniversary at the 2011 CrossFit Games. Luckily, his wife also qualified and competed in the event:

"Here’s the thing about Greg: He won his division, coming in first in four of the five events, but all he wanted to talk about was his wife. A cool-looking dude with long, white hair and a laid-back attitude, Greg told me that the change in his wife’s self-esteem and confidence was remarkable.

“She’s soaring,” he said."

Strong people have strong relationships. I'm not sure if it comes from the confidence that being strong and healthy brings but I've seen it many times. Bad relationships mend, good relationships become great, and great relationships soar when both people commit to taking care of themselves.

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