Find your why

Do you remember, as a child, playing this game with your mom?

Mom: Karen, you need to go put your shoes on.

Me: Why?

Mom: Because we’re going to the grocery store?

Me: Why?

Mom: Because we need food

Me: Why?

And so on.

Actually I rarely got past the first why with my mom. Depending on her level of exasperation with me, my brother (most likely) or my sister (rarely), I got “because I said so,” “NOW” or a silent stare that communicated the two former options without a word.

But there are times when asking why is key to your success…like when you are contemplating making a change in your life.

We all set goals for ourselves but often don’t really understand the importance of that goal. If we don’t know why a goal is important to us then we will likely lack the motivation needed to achieve what we want.

We ask all of our clients, when they start with us and periodically through their training programs, why the goal they are striving for is important. This seems like an easy question to answer but let’s look at a hypothetical case.

Me: What is your fitness goal?

Client: I want to lose 20 pounds.

Me: Why is that important to you?

Client: Because I want to be healthy and look good.

Me: Why?

Client: Because I don’t like the way I feel or look right now.

Me: Why?

Client: I don’t have any energy and I don’t feel attractive.

Me: Why is feeling attractive important to you?

Client: Because I want to feel sexy for my husband.

"Feeling sexy for your spouse" carries and emotional charge that "losing 20 pounds" never will.

It can be a painful process and most people want to gloss over the questions. But those who really drill down and define their why are always more successful.

Give it a try as you set your goals for 2015! Dig into the truth of your why and you may actually see your goals change and evolve.

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