5 reasons you should be watching the CrossFit Games Finals

The Games Final in Carson, CA started with the Teens and Masters Divisions on Tuesday and the Open Division kicked off yesterday online. See how here.

But why should we watch? Are there reasons to geek out over working out?

"That's not why I do CrossFit."

"I'm not competitive." (yeah, whatever)

"I'd rather see Dancing with the Stars"

Applesauce! Of course, you should be watching!

Here are the top 5 reasons:

5. They're pretty. There are some stunningly attractive people who CrossFit. Don't deny it, who doesn't like watching  good looking athletes go through their paces, regardless the sport.

4. See what's possible. The Games finalists are the best of the best. The programming gets more challenging every year, there's always something new. Watch how top-flight athletes handle it.

3. Be inspired. A lot of these folks don't come from a pro athlete background. There are moms and dads, many have a really ordinary patchwork of athletic experience through high school and some in college, while others have only ever done CrossFit. You're watching the birth and growth of a brand new sport where hard work and practice can pay off big.

2. Learn to see the difference between sorta good and really good. 
Pay attention to the performance differences between Heat 1 (the bottom places) and Heat 5 ( your top places). In general, you'll see better form and technique as the heats roll by. It's not just that the times get faster and the weights get heavier. The better athletes make things look easier. Why? Better technique. Watch and learn.

1. You're connected to the worldwide community. You know these people.  2-time Masters 40-45 Women's champ Colleen Fahey has worked out here the last couple years. Will Moorad, finished 14th in the Open Division last year, was here the week of his wedding last summer. Rich Froning (you know who he is, right?) and his family trained here a couple years ago and Dan Bailey's mom and dad were here for a month last fall. We have some personal connection with the greater CrossFit family at an elite level. They're not strangers, they're US!

Jump online and enjoy the show. Come to our house Sunday to watch the last events. Be a part of it!

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