Words matter

In the corner of the white board at 30a CrossFit you'll notice a new feature. It's "The Superlative of the Day: Awesome Must Die". In case you'd not noticed the "A" word has become as worn out as Justin Bieber's publicist. And while this is all in fun and gives us a new way to tell our friends and fellow athletes how much we revere and admire them (see what I did there) there are more layers to this onion.

We all have our go-to jargon and favorite words for any occasion but let's face it, the world is not divided into "great" and "sucks". It's dull, it's simpleminded and it's easy to see that this might be the indicator of lazy thinking. Use a little imagination, stretch out, don't sound like an '80's teenager (especially if you were one).

This could also be a boost to creativity in other parts of your life. See "impossible" things as "highly improbable" and everything changes. Your mind expands and previously locked mental doors fly open. "Unworkable" or "novel proposition"?

"Well, Mr Smart Guy, what's this have to do with my health, fitness and longevity. Huh!?" So glad you asked. We here "This workout's hard" from time to time. Sounds (and feels) undoable. Make the shift to challenging and suddenly we've got fun on our hands. "This is heavy" (usually coming from under a moving barbell). Poor thing. But "getting stronger every day" is a whole different thing, now isn't it?

Notice your language, pick interesting, appropriate words and descriptions and see if you find an improvement in your attitude and performance.

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