The real reason you don't get to bed early enough

Ever since I was a kid I've fought going to bed on time. No matter what time that was, no matter how compelling the reason to get a full night's sleep, it was tough to give up the day and bed down.

And we here that same thing from our clients. Them (or you): "I can't go to bed, I've got too much to do!" Me: "Really? Like what?" You: "Well, you know, the shows I recorded earlier, I like to read before bedtime, I surf a little, you know, stuff."

I get it. What most of us are looking for in that time after the kids go to bed, the laundry's done and the kitchen is (sorta) clean is simple:

Time for yourself.

According to  The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You 88% of those surveyed who had kids went to bed after their children, and close to 80% of respondents reported doing "me time" activities at night. That led to close to half these folks hitting the hay after 11pm. That's not much time before most of us have to be up and at 'em the next morning.

What to do? The first is to acknowledge that all human beings want autonomous, fun time. If you have an awesome job then that might do it. If not, try starting me time earlier. Get some help with the chores, outsource the laundry or the shopping or do something you actually want to do in that "lost time" you're checking email...again...

Sleep's vital, you know it, I know it, everybody know's it. That doesn't mean you have to be a slave to it. Do something for yourself during your day and go to sleep knowing that you get to enjoy that thing again tomorrow.

It really is all about you.

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