Spring clean your routine

With the warmer weather and sunny skies, it’s natural to start thinking about doing some spring cleaning.  Throw the windows open in the house, clean out all the dust and cob webs that  accumulated during the colder months and start fresh.

While you’re at it, how about a quick clean up of your fitness habits as well. Here are 4 ways  to make sure you're keeping your health and fitness routines fresh.

1. Change up your workout focus. If you have been focusing on getting stronger. Take a break and spend a few works building a bigger engine with more conditioning workouts. Try RowFit class. Schedule a Run Coaching session. Bias the Conditioning over the Strength portion of our CrossFit classes. This doesn’t have to be a permanent change but if you are set in a routine, change it up for a couple weeks. Explore the other classes we offer. You might be surprised how much you like them.

2. Write it down. Every day answer these three questions: where am I? where do I want to go? what scares me? The questions can pertain to work goals, family goals, fitness goals…anything. But the answers will give you great insight into your mental, emotional and psychological health at the moment. Knowing the answers to those three questions can set you straight, no matter what crisis (real or imagined) you might be facing.

3. Eat outside. Having a meal outside is one of the great joys of life and one of the many benefits of living on the beautiful Emerald Coast. Not only will you get some Vitamin D from sitting in the sun but you are more likely to slow down and enjoy your food, not pick up your phone to text or read emails and be in the moment. Combined with some tasty food, all of those things make us healthier.

4. Play more. Easy. Get to the beach. Go for a bike ride or hike. Take the dog for a walk. Sign up for a 5k or mud run. Plan a golf outing. Stand up paddle. There are too many options to list. Find something fun and do it.

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