"Sitting is the new smoking"

My standing desk cost about $12 at Amazon.

My standing desk cost about $12 at Amazon.

You likely are doing something that seriously damages your health right now. Sitting at your computer, reading this blog post (thank you) could be making you less healthy by the minute. The first part, that is, not the second. Hopefully this blog post helps you realize….


Americans are sitting more than ever before. As technology advances we have fewer reasons to get up and move around. Information comes to us with a click of the search button.

But that convenience has come at a very serious cost. Mobility guru Kelly Starrett and his wife Juliet started investigating the health effects of excessive sitting after visiting their daughter’s school and what they found was astounding:

"Excessive sitting has been linked with increased incidence of heart disease and diabetes; it appears to affect cholesterol and blood sugar. It’s even been associated with decreased lifespan. As the new saying goes, “Sitting is the new smoking.”

But you exercise, right? That makes the difference. You’re not sedentary all the time.

There’s even more bad news: "All of this still true for people who work out regularly. You simply can’t counteract all those negatives with an hour or two of exercise each day."

The only cure is to sit less.

Set a timer and get up out of your chair on a regular basis. Or better yet, get a standing desk. It’s a great investment that doesn’t have to cost a lot. The less you sit the healthier you will be and, even better, the more beach ready you will be:

"Juliet figured out that if a kid stands instead of sits, he could burn 30,000 to 50,000 more calories in a year, depending on his weight and how often he stands. When Juliet plugged her own vitals into an online calculator, she found that standing instead of sitting would burn as many calories as running 33 marathons"

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