Lessons from the Elimination Diet

Having completed the 3-week elimination part of the Elimination Diet, Tony and I have learned some incredible lessons on food, nutrition, cravings, habits and so much more. We wanted to share some of the more profound ones with you.

* Deprivation is a mindset

We said this at the beginning of the diet. If you went into it focused on the foods that you had to do without for the next 3 weeks then you were setting yourself up for a much more difficult experience. We consciously viewed the Elimination Diet as an opportunity to focus in on truly eating for health, wellness and performance and to actively try new and unique foods.

* It's like no other eating program.

Having done countless other nutrition challenges in the past, we can say unequivocally that the Elimination Diet is like nothing we have done before. Because it was shorter in duration than other challenges it was way more strict. And, by being more targeted toward overall health, rather than body composition, it was way more informative. This is the only way to uncover food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies (we all have some) which allows us to individually customize our eating for our best health.

* Explore variety.

Even when you think you are eating a variety of healthy foods, you're probably really eating the same things over and over again. Giving up beef, pork and eggs seemed extremely difficult until we found a good source for venison, wild boar, elk, local fish and other delicious protein sources. We really didn't miss any of the foods we had to give up.

* Weigh and measure.

I started weighing and measuring my food intake again to ensure that I was eating enough on the Elimination Diet. While I don't think anyone should obsess about how much they are eating every single day (as long as they are eating clean), it's good every once in a while to track your intake. This way you can make sure you are meeting your daily caloric needs (we've worked with thousands of clients and rarely find anyone who's eating too much) and hitting the macronutrient ratio that is in line with your goals. If you're not sure what your macronutrient ratio should be talk to your coach. That's what we're here for.

The Elimination Diet was one of the best things I could have done for my health. It has given me a solid basis to move forward with a nutrition strategy that supports my longterm health, performance and aesthetic goals.