7 Green Lights

You know those days. You're cruising through town and somehow you seem to hit green at every intersection. Life is good and it feels like nothing can stop you. 

That's what I want your training to feel like.

No, really. I mean it. 

Now, we all know that red lights are inevitable on the roadways. They're there to keep us safe, after all. But what about red lights during your training?

When I talk about red lights, I'm talking about those niggling injuries and tweaks that prevent you from moving forward. You might think they're inevitable because, A. you're working so hard, B. you're getting older, C. you're trying something new. Only thing about that?

I'm not buying it. You shouldn't expect to be hurt or injured for any of those reasons.

At this point, I have to admit that the concept of green lights when it comes to movements comes from our movement and mobility guru, Kelly Starrett. He has delineated 7 movement archetypes that everyone should be able to get a "green light" on in order to be a fully functioning human animal. 

During the first 7 weeks of 2016, we will be testing those 7 archetypes. For each one you either get a green light or not. There is no "kinda good" or "almost there." We'll also be reviewing mobility techniques to improve your position in these movement archetypes so that if you don't get that green light, you'll be armed with the knowledge to make improvements. 

Ignoring these positions can hamper your performance at best and can lead to injury at worst.

Leave your ego at the door and commit to better movement in 2016.

If you really want to geek out on this stuff check out Kelly and Gray Cook who created the Functional Movement System below. 

If you want a more customized mobility prescription, talk to a coach. If you want to get a Functional Movement Screen, talk to me