Can you be too limber?


Well, Yes, there are those few who, due to either great genetics or a life in the circus, have to guard against overextension at every turn. 

But that's not you and you know it.

No, you're one of the vast legions who constantly struggle to get your shoes tied and the dishes put away on the top shelf. You, like most of us, need more - say it with me - 


That doesn’t make you a bad person. Well, that’s not what makes you a bad person. What makes you a bad person is steadfastly refusing to do your mobility and then complaining about how you still can’t (fill in the blank) snatch, overhead squat, front rack the bar properly, get under your overhead positions, touch your chest to the ground on your push ups, do something that even vaguely resembles a chest to bar pull up, etc, etc and how much they all hurt and how hard they are.

What’s up with that?

Your resources are plentiful and easy to use. There’s us, your coaches, number one. If what we teach you during class isn’t enough (you are doing your mobility at home, right?) ask us about it. Set up some Private Coaching and let’s get specific. Two, there’s MobilityWOD. KStarr is a genius and there are years worth of videos available for every complaint there is. Three, Carl weaves some fantastic mobility stuff into his gymnastics coaching and progressions. Those three alone should relieve any issue and improve any movement or position in your world. If you need more there are plenty of medical professionals we’d be happy to send you on to for more specialized treatment.

We’re sympathetic, we know things have happened to you and are happening to you now but look, you’ve got to take some responsibility and do your own maintenance, OK? Think of it like this. You’re a Ferrari. A high performance power factory built for speed, strength and sexy good looks. But you drive around with the hand brake half way on, a hole burned in the passenger seat, one brown door (on the arrest-me-red model) and the front end out of line and you’re just an old/busted used car that looks a little like it used to be a Ferrari.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and coming up with another “the dog ate my homework” excuse for having to be scaled and modified day after day. You know what to do, friggin’ do it!

You’re a Ferrari. Drive like one.