Throw away your scale - Case Study #382

Jess as Wilma Flintstone for Halloween.

Jess as Wilma Flintstone for Halloween.

Check out Jess. That's the dress that she wore to her rehearsal dinner. It still fits. It's a size 4.

Now here's the really important part: Jess is 15 pounds heavier than she was when she first wore this dress. That means she is stronger, more capable, more durable, i.e. fitter. She's also given birth to a beautiful baby girl and continues to make big performance gains in the gym (have you seen her toes to bar, lately?)

There is no magic here. Jess works hard. She comes to her 30A CrossFit classes and gives it everything she has. She does private coaching once a week (that's right, I'll take a little bit of credit for how incredible she looks). She eats clean most of the time (we don't expect perfection). And she doesn't obsess about the number on the scale. 

How do you know you are making progress? Ask yourself: how do I feel, how am I performing, how do my clothes fit. The scale never tells the full story. 


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