The List

While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones and eating lots of amazing food, you may be worried about how the estimated 4500 calories you consume during the day and the hours on the couch watching football might affect your health and fitness goals. Don't worry. There's a very simple exercise that will not only wipe away your guilt but will set you up for success for months to come. It won't take you long. You won't even break a sweat. And you might even get your family to join you.

Take 10 minutes and write down ten things that you have going for you. Call it a gratitude list if you like. But it's ultimately about focusing on all the positives in your life. 

Once you have list, make copies and keep it where you can get to it easily and often. In those times when you can only seem to focus on the negatives...all the things you don't want in life...pull out the list and remind yourself about all of the good things you have. 

Too often the noise around us (and the noise in our heads) distracts us from our goals and our dreams. Use your list to keep focus. Then add to the list as your goals are achieved and your dreams grow.