Are You Playing Gas-O, Brake-O With Your Body?


So you're loving your 30A CrossFit workouts. You know you're getting stronger, faster, fitter. But there are some days when you just don't have it. That creaky (shoulder/hip/knee/ankle) just isn't feeling right. You push through, because you're just that kind of awesome and it really doesn't hurt THAT bad. You promise yourself that you'll do extra mobility later that day but...

Mobility WOD's Kelly Starrett told distance runner T.J. Murphy the following story when T.J. complained of similar issues. 

"I went to Mexico once and rented a car and abused it, playing 'Gas-O, Brake-O,' he said. To play Gas-O, Brake-O, I kept the gas pedal pegged to the floor and accelerated and decelerated with the brake. Wham! I'm redlining. Until the car is about to blow up. So I swing into my hotel and park the car and a guy comes running out and says, 'Señor!,' pointing at the rear tire because it's erupted into flames. If you're a runner with really tight hips and poor sliding surfaces in your joints, you're running around revving your engine with the brakes on. You're playing Gas-O, Brake-O. And now your knee is on fire."*

But maybe it's not running for you. Maybe it's squatting with a junky achilles tendon or doing lots of pull ups with poor thoracic spine mobility. The point is, every time we push through pain that is  not THAT bad, we are ingraining a movement pattern that is dysfunctional. As Kelly also says, "Your body wants to be in a pain-free state." 

I'm not talking about the pain of your burning lungs wanting to jump up through throat. I'm talking the tweaky pain in your elbow or knee or that unusual tightness in your low back or shoulders that is just first. 

As Gray Cook writes on the Function Movement Screen blog: "If there is tissue tightening, everything from deep fascia to superficial scarring or scar tissue from a previous injury, the muscles will be told to tighten prematurely or even maintain a significant amount of resting tone simply to protect the kink in the system. The tightness can also be preserved not from a signal from other tissues but it can be left over from a previous injury that has already been resolved. The muscles never got the memo."

CrossFit is a fantastic system for uncovering these potential issues. Because we put you through a full range of motion using functional movements, we can see any stability and mobility issues before they become injuries. We need your help, though. You need to make sure you tell your coach about any of those tweaks or any unusual tightness. We can solve this together or we can help you find help 

To that end, we will be hosting a Be Unbreakable Seminar on Oct. 24th from 10 to 11:30 a.m. that will focus on all of the issues above. We'll be joined by Jen Crider of Studio Blue Pilates.  Jen is also a 30A CrossFit athlete so she knows how to work with CrossFit athletes. The seminar is $25 for 30A CrossFit members or FREE if you bring a non-member friend. 

Go here to sign up.

*Inside the Box: How CrossFit® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body, T.J. Murphy

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