Hang on tight

As you go through your day you'll notice that some of the hardest things to do are the simplest; opening a jar, working the rusty gate latch, running the manual can opener, turning the key in a stubborn lock, on and on. All these things have an obvious link. They'd be much easier with a stronger grip.  

And, of course, this crosses over very quickly to your gym work. Better grip = more pull-ups, a bigger clean, a longer unbroken set of swings, even stronger push ups and overhead work which need solid hands and wrists. 

And there's where we find just a little disconnect. Our daily lives are filled with things that aren't just like our experience at the gym. Unless we do some supplemental grip work.

It's way too obvious to say that your hands are capable of an astonishing array of fine motor skills and impressive strength. (see what I did there?) Turning, twisting, levering, squeezing, holding, pinching, objects large and small, occasionally soft and yielding, others are rough or slippery, sometimes we're wearing gloves or our hands are sandy (the beach, you know) and when it's hot out we've got to deal with a moist grip, too. 

There's your golf swing, your tennis serve, kayak and SUP board paddling, carrying your surf board from the car and back, loading suitcase into the car, lifting and carrying your kids, it just keeps going.

"It's all too much!" you whine, "How could I ever cover all those possibilities?" you whimper. Lucky you, your plan is already done. Read this from the CrossFit Journal.  Simple, straightforward and beautifully written, it's the roadmap to making your whole life better. Really, it is.

(There's an active, growing sub-sub-sub culture of grip specialists out there, too. Folks who do all kinds of amazing things in the hand strength realm. So if you get the bug you'll have lots of company.)

But specialize or not a bit of focus on holding onto things will pay big dividends. 

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